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Masjid Websites

Here at MowlaSystems, we have a group of really skilled professional web developers, in-sha-Allah we will create eye catching, responsive – mobile friendly website for your Masjid.

Masjid Website Features

>> Attractive Website Design
>> Mobile friendly, fully responsive design
>> Latest Trend of design
>> Up to date systems
>> Important Masjid features included
>> Prayer Time Table
>> Masjid Events Calendar
>> List of Masjid services
>> Easy to update contents
>> Contact Details & Address of the Masjid
>> Easy maintenance, no coding skill required
>> Fast and Efficient Support

Masjid Website Design

>> Media Gallery ( Image, audio, videos)
>> Blogs and articles writing
>> Online donation system
>> Social Media Integration
>> Online media streaming integration
>> Easy content management
>> Online Forms
>> Online Registrations forms 

Major Featuers

Responsive Design

The website will be full width responsive and will be supported properly in desktops, laptops, mobiles and all other devices in-sha-Allah.

Mobile Friendly

The sites are built keeping the mobile phone users in mind. Responsiveness, smooth content delivery and optimizations make the website mobile friendly.

Online Video Streaming

Any video/audio streaming can be shared on the website and people will be able to watch that live in-sha-Allah.

Visual Control Panel

Easy to use control panel of the website, no coding skills or high technical expertise required to operate the website.

Prayer Timing Updates

The prayer time of the Masjid can be updated easily on the website. The visitors can easily see the timing update on the website.

Donation Pages Setup

In-sha-Allah we will setup donation page on the website. Anybody will be able to make donations easily through the website. They will be able to pay with all popular gateways.

Masjid Programs

The date, location and time of the Masjid program being held can be displayed on the website as a list.


Articles & Blogs

Important findings, sayings of the Quran, Hadith and many other Islamic aspects can be posted directly on the website with minimum effort.


List of Services

The group of services provided by the Masjid, e.g – Educational Programs, Dawah Training etc. can be listed on the Masjid website.


Online Forms

Different kinds of forms related to the Masjid can be setup on the website, including membership, special programs etc.

Media Gallery

Necessary photos, videos, audios etc can be hosted on the website and visitors can see and play the media on the website.


Ask Imam Section

To solve different problems of life, it is crucial to have a communication with the scholars. Ask Imam section will connect the ummah with their Imam in-sha-Allah

Events Calendar

Date wise list of different events of the Masjid will be listed in this section. Visitors can understand the schedule with one look.

Online Survey

What is going on in the ummah, can be easily known by creating survey system on the website. The users can provide details with a few taps of a button.

Newsletter Integration

All the updates of the Masjid can be received via email with newsletter integration of the Masjid. Just one input of the email, and you are connected to the Masjid.

Ramadan Time Table

The time to keep fasting all through the year can be set up on the website. Also, Muslims will always be able to see the Ramadan time on the website.

Local Business Directory

The Masjid can list local business organizations on the website, also the Masjid can charge few amounts for them. Which will be beneficial for both the Masjid and the business.

Social Media Integration

Social accounts can be connected to the Masjid, so that people can easily find out all the social network connections of the Masjid easily.

Do you need a website for you Masjid?