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Masjid Management System

This is a web based application which will bring all your Masjid documents within one computer screen. We will create custom features for your Masjid according to your demands in-sha-Allah.

Our principal objective is to customize the Mowla Systems Application according to your management needs, moreover, implement an integrated platform with highest efficiency and safety. The Mowla Systems will secure and maintain each and every institutions’ protocol and procedures accordingly.

Benefits of Masjid Management System

Multiply Donations

This web based app will give you opportunity to receive donations from anywhere, any place , anytime and from all payment gateways. Overcome the limitations of cash.

Good Communication

Communication is a major factor when the ummah comes into consideration. With MowlaSystems, you will be able to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Time saving

The yearly financial accounts are taken care of automatically with this system. A detailed statistics of financial activities is displayed in the main dashboard

Events Management

Manage Masjid events like a pro. With a few taps or strokes on keyboard. All your events will be arranged almost automatically. A clear overview of event times and venue.

Smart Membership Management

Members of the mosque can easily sign up, donate and interact with the web app. So membership functionality is easy and fast.

Secured Payment Gateway

Fundraising, Zakat, Fitrah collection is done through a secured payment processing system. Traceable transactions and email notifications will be enabled in MowlaSystems.

Custom Masjid Management Software

Relive yourselves from mountains of paperwork. The Major features of our software are –

>> Registration / Fee Management
>> Masjid Membership Management
>> Donation Management
>> Fundraiser Management
>> Events Management
>> Communication Management
>> Masjid Fund Management
>> Community Outreach & Dawah Management
>> Zakat Management

Masjid Dashboard

This dashboard contains important graphs and analytics about the condition of the Masjid –

>> Contains visual data about the whole process
>> Total number of members
>> Amount of donation received
>> Expenses of the Masjid
>> Current month statistics
>> Monthly / Yearly progress

In short, this screen gives us insights about the condition of the Masjid. With this info, we can plan the measures to be taken for future benefits.

Digital Donation System

Receive limitless dontions, Zakat, Fundraising an much more with our digital donation system.

Major features are –
>> Anytime, anywhere, any amount donation
>> very Simple to work with
>> Mobile friendly
>> Get fund reports at the dashboard
>> Monthly / Yearly financial statistics

Do you need service for you Masjid?