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Accept Donations Anytime Anywhere

Everyone with their own masjid app can donate by the touchscreen of a smartphone at all times.

Mosques will have the most productive/efficient way to increase revenue and MowlaSystems will guide and secure each transaction regardless of the $ amount, InshaAllah.

Amazing Features

Anytime, Anywhere
This setup can be created whenever you want, wherever you want. We will be able to accept donations in the Masjid, during campaigns or any other events instantly
easy & fast
Setting up the chip and swipe device with the mobile phone is very easy. Just turn on Bluetooth and connect with the phone app. Done!
Accept chip and chip-less cards
We can use cards with chip in one port and chip-less cards by swiping. Transaction is made with Paypal.
Safe & Secured
Software maintenance, security and updates are maintained by PayPal. So everything remains safe and secured