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Mowla Systems

Masjid Apps, Donation System, Masjid Management System Software

Masjid Mobile Apps

User friendly and useful app for your Masjid. It contains push notifications, Salat & iqamah times, announcements and much much more.

Masjid Management System

Masjid Management Solutions for membership, donation management, events management, community outreach and much more..

Our Objectives

We are a group of Muslim IT experts based in USA. Together we have come up with MowlaSystems, with a view to providing useful mobile applications, donations systems , desktop software and websites for Masjids, which will help us in on our day to day life to connect to Masjids and eventually the Ummah. It will help you in Dawah, Events Management, Memberships and other aspects of the Masjid. Please take a look at the video.

Our Services

Masjid Mobile Apps

>> 5 Daily Prayer notifications
>> Adhan and Iqamah Times
>> Announcements Notifications
>> Push Notifications
>> Ask your questions to Imam
>> Dua’s, Islamic Videos, names of Allah etc.

Masjid Management System

>> Membership Management
>> Donation Management
>> Expenses Management
>> Events Mangement
>> Masjid data statistics
>> Dawah mangement etc.

Masjid Websites

>> Masjid Location & Details
>> Events showcase
>> Masjid Contact Info
>> Social network connections
>> Publishing Islamic contents
>> Programs for new Muslims
>> Registration Forms etc.

Noticeable Features

Daily Prayer Notifications

The app will notify you before 5 times prayers. The time for Jamat can be changed centrally using the user login system by the Mosque.


You can just log in and write the announcement title and description e.g – Janazha, Wedding etc Users will be notified immediately.

Events Listing

A list of events of the Masjid is displayed. You can stay up to date with upcoming events and programmes of the Masjid

Membership Management

Manage the registered members of the Masjid and keep track of related information using Masjid Management Software.

Donations & Expenses

Accept and manage donations received. Also, statistics of the expenditure and display in graphical form.


List of Services

The services provided by the Masjid can be listed. The admin can add new services, details and related images on the Masjid Management System and the mobile app.

Noticeable Features

Our main objective is to provide service to the Ummah. This system is not intended for business. Whatever we get, we will use that for the betterment of the ummah in-sha-Allah

Useful Resources

The app contains important information about the Masjid. All these features will help you to become more intimate with our Masjid

User Friendly Presentation

The layout of our products are pretty simple, you can take a look of about 5 minutes, you will know everything in-sha-Allah. You can start using it immediately.

Just touch to achieve

A few taps on your phone or a few clicks on the computer will give you almost anything that can be achieved with a Masjid software.

Good Support

We have brothers dedicated for providing you support. You can contact theme via phone call, even WhatsApp or Viber on MowlaSystems phone number.

Do you need service for you Masjid?